Nintendo Labo

Yesterday, Nintendo announced Labo.

Labo is a collection of games designed to show off and explore the technology built into the Switch through a series of inventive cardboard peripherals.

While the games look quite basic (maybe “tech demos” would be more apt), the video suggests that Labo includes an educational focus.

Part of the fun seems to be in learning how the software uses the Switch’s motion sensors, infra-red camera, and rumble motors to turn intricate cardboard cutouts into things like a working piano.

It’s like a high tech version of Kelli Anderson’s excellent This Book is a Planetarium.

I also love the fact that Labo is relatively environmentally friendly, eschewing plastic in favour of (recyclable) cardboard.

It’s great to see that Nintendo are refusing to rest on their laurels after the early success of the Switch.

I can’t wait to get my hands on that piano. 😄